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1001 Beautiful

This was my principal photo project. Beautiful because everyone is innately beautiful.

1001 meaning more than you can count, a multitude, infinity. etc.? the real idea is to photograph all people. Everyone is welcome to be photographed.  Everyone is beautiful. If you would like to participate please contact me.  If you have a group of people, ie. team, cultural group, matadors, Tibetans, ice cream vendors, horse trainers, whatever, I am glad to set up and photograph. 


A special thanks to everyone who has participated.      Thank you. 

A few of the events I have photographed at: Artistspalooza DeaFestival Los Angeles Chocolate and Art Outcry for Artists MAO  actors with disabilities

Pastor Alex Hamilton's parishioners at of Community Baptist Church - Compton, CA   District 30 Raw Artists Sacamento

Senior citizens at Las Palmas Senior Center City of Los Angeles Fusion International Arts Center Sacred City Derby Girls Sacramento Memorial AuditoriumFox and the Goose Sacramento Eakaton Senior Residence Sacramento Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire Valley Springs Ca

New Year's Eve Old Town Sacramento California State Fair Sacramento

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